The workbook gives you the easiest way to capture the essence of your strategic thinking about your business and present it elegantly to investors, business partners or your employees.

The workbook makes the strategy design process as simple as possible and not simpler.

Three reasons why the workbook is better than other strategy processes.
  1. Instant gratification. You can develop a strategy in hours instead of days and weeks.
  2. It is easier to update and update often as your strategy hits the real world and you need to incorporate real issues.
  3. You are more likely to get people to read it (good for funding, communication and hiring) as your one page of information expands into a six page, beautiful to look at and easy to understand strategy.

What is it?

The workbook is a free Excel spreadsheet that works you through a simple process of asking 22 insightful questions about your business idea including the financial aspects. The answers to your questions are immediately turned into a six page strategy that can be used for presenting to investors, your team or just to distill your ideas into a coherent document.


This easy to use workbook has its roots in some of the worlds most significant strategy thinking. From Michael Porter and Henry Mintzberg to W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne's Blue Ocean Strategy. From Marty Neumeier’s original thinking about brands and designful companies to Seth Godin's widely read insights into the world of marketing. Guided by these experts, the workbook allows you to generate your best strategic thinking.

Who can use

Having at its core an attempt to simplify what is often the complicated and mysterious process of strategy development, creates an environment for extracting your very best strategic thinking. People who benefit from the workbook are:
  1. Entrepreneurs wanting to describe their new ventures
  2. Business executives challenged to present their strategy
  3. Consultants working with clients to develop strategic plans
  4. Facilitators wanting to capture the output from a strategy workshop

How to use

Although unlimited, some of the common uses of the workbook include.
  1. Create a new strategy for a business startup
  2. Revise your strategy to agree it amongst stakeholders
  3. Create a new strategy for an extension of your business or a new division
  4. Communicate an existing strategy to partners or shareholders
  5. Test out new strategic thinking
  6. Compare the merits of two versions of a strategy
  7. Simply model the startup finances of your business or focus on the non-financial aspects and do a detailed financial plan later


If you missed the instructions at the top left of this page then you can also download the workbook here.

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